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Cross Promotion

Cross promotion entails promoting other items you have for sale in each of your auction listings. This works best if the items are related. For example, if you're selling shoes, it would be a good idea to cross promote shoelaces, shoehorns, socks, and so forth.

But in addition to the more obvious reasons for cross promoting, there are other, less obvious reasons as well.

If a visitor to your web page actually clicked into your listing by accident, or finds that the item you're selling isn't quite what they are looking for, you want to take the opportunity to offer what it is that they actually want.

Placing In-Description Links

Never forget to cross promote other items that you are selling. I recommend placing a link at the top of your listings. Perhaps something like "check out my other items to complete your collection" which links to your auctions page.

To create clickable links, you'll need to learn some HTML (the programming language used to create web pages). If you don't know any, don't worry. Basic HTML is very easy to learn and use. You may want to take a look at Chapter 9, which discusses HTML, before continuing.

Use the following URL to link to your "Items for Sale by…" page:[your_user_id]

Replace [your_user_id] with, of course, your eBay user ID.

If you have an eBay Store, then it is better to link to it instead with this URL:

Replace "Your-Store-Name" with the name of your eBay Store. Just as in the example, replace spaces in your store name with hyphens, keeping in mind that it is case sensitive. "your-store-name" will not link to the same place as "Your-Store-Name".

Having a link at the top to your other auctions or eBay Store lets buyers know right away that you have more to offer. This is important both for buyers that accidentally clicked into your auction (chances are that if they're not looking for what's in your specific auction, they're probably looking for something similar) as well as buyers that are looking specifically for what you have.

You can also take advantage of a little "viral" marketing technique by adding a "send this to a friend" link. To add a link that will allow visitors to email a link of your auction listing to friends, use this URL:[itemnumber]

As you may have guessed you'll want to replace "[itemnumber]" with the actual item number of your listing.

Cross promotion is used by all successful sellers. Next time you walk into a shoe store and buy a new pair of shoes, chances are the salesman will remind you that you need several other accessories to go with your new pair of shoes.

You should be doing the same thing, which is why you cross-promote.

By default, eBay helps you cross promote items by automatically displaying other items you're selling at the bottom of your listing. This can be turned off if you desire in your "My eBay" preferences. I'd recommend leaving it on though.

eBay's cross promoter
example of eBay's cross promotion tool, which appears at the bottom of your listing

As you can see, eBay also provides a link to your eBay Store (if you have one) in the lower right. If you don't have a store, it will link to your "Items for Sale by…" page.

Cross promotion is a very basic marketing tool used by all salespeople and retailers. Be sure that you are doing all that you are able to display all your wares to your potential customers.

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