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Acting Like a PowerSeller

eBay PowerSeller Attributes

To become a PowerSeller and have a successful auction business, you must have the appropriate attributes to attain that level.

Becoming a successful online auctioneer requires much, much more than a simple source for cheap product. Anybody can find stuff to sell and list it on eBay. But running a business requires a level of dedication that few people have… which is exactly why there are far more workers in this world than business owners, and far more buyers on eBay than sellers.

Review the PowerSeller attributes below, and be sure that you have them all. If there's something you're missing, then a simple change of attitude is often all that is required in order to obtain it.

Understand That You're Running a Business
Running a business on eBay differs little from running any other kind of business.

As the owner and president of your business, you need to think like a businessperson. The decisions you make as the president of your company will directly affect your success.

Unlike gambling in Las Vegas, there is very little luck involved in the success or failure of a business.

Successful businesses succeed because of the dedication of its founder and employees. You must be passionate about your business and have the discipline to do what it takes.

When I was in Marine Corps basic training, I watched as several recruits simply gave up and quit. Somewhere along the line they decided that the effort wasn't worth the reward. Some of those people that quit had even stated that they desired to return to their jobs at a fast food restaurant.

What separated the quitters from those that made it through to the end? Very simply, desire!

Those that made it to the end preferred to be Marines, and have the prestige and respect that comes with being a Marine, rather than burger flippers at some local fast food joint.

What is your desire level? Are you ready and willing to deal with the tough times that come with running your own business so you can eventually quit your job, or do you just want to keep grinding it out making money for your boss?

Are you going to quit when things are tougher than expected, or will you do whatever it takes to earn the prestige of being an eBay PowerSeller?

Becoming Successful is a Learned Process
Chances are you're going to fall down a lot. Reaching success means that every time you do fall down, you get back up. But before you start charging ahead, you take the time to dust yourself off and analyze why you fell down to begin with.

Falling down is not failure. Failure is not getting back up. Falling down is simply an opportunity for you to learn how to not fall down again.

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