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Parting Words


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Final Words

Parting Words

I studied martial arts for a few years back in my younger days. One of the things I remember most about the martial arts had nothing to do with any of the techniques I was taught though.

My real goal was to someday become a martial arts instructor myself, and so I would often study my instructor's teaching techniques. He was one of the top instructors in my area, with some of the best students of martial arts.

One day, as I was getting ready for a private one-on-one lesson with my instructor, an investigator walked into the studio. This person was what my instructor might have called a "Buddha head". What he meant by that was a person who would rather talk about martial arts than actually practice it – something that could also be said of many people looking to start a business.

After some philosophical discussion, this so-called "Buddha head" jokingly asked my instructor, "How would you feel if one of your own students beat you up one day?"

My instructor very quickly replied, "I would feel very proud that I was such a good instructor."

My hope for you is that you will far surpass my accomplishments on eBay. I would love to hear from you that you have become a Titanium PowerSeller… or at the very least, that you have obtained the goals that you set for yourself, whether those goals were to simply make an extra few hundred dollars each month to make the car payment, or make six figures every month so you can retire within a year.

Your learning has just begun. Everyday when you wake up in the morning, one of your many daily goals should be to learn something new regarding how to make money on eBay. Do that, and it won't be long at all before you become a truly successful businessman, a force to be reckoned with in the world of online auctions.

Don't be like the "Buddha head." Don't talk about doing. Actually do! Go out there and take what you know to be rightfully yours! It's time you became what you want to be, and achieve what you want to achieve.

Best wishes on your new endeavors!


Stuart Lisonbee

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