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It's All About Me

A great tool eBay offers you to help you build trust with buyers is the "About Me" page. What is the "About Me" page?

Very simply, it's a (nearly) blank webpage eBay gives each member in which they can pretty much put whatever they want there. It's generally recommended that you use this free web space to tell a little about yourself so other members can get to know you better.

Once you put something on your "About Me" page, not only is it no longer blank, but an "About Me" logo will appear next to your user ID nearly everywhere it appears on eBay. It looks like this:

By clicking on that little logo, other members can visit your "About Me" page. Trust me when I say that it is visited more often than you might think.

Considering this, take the opportunity to create your "About Me" page and sell yourself. After all, chances are you're not the only seller selling what you are selling.

Buyers have plenty of sellers to choose from. You need to make yourself stand out from the rest. Your "About Me" page is the perfect place to do exactly that.

It's also a great place to get in some cross promotion. eBay has a special code that allows you to enter a list of the items you're currently selling. If you do absolutely nothing else with your "About Me" page, you should at least insert the list of items you're selling.

Make your "About Me" page as professional as you can. The more a buyer thinks they are buying from Target or Wal-Mart (or in my case Macy's, since I was selling high end cosmetics, then later Circuit City when I started selling electronics) the more likely they are to trust that you'll take good care of them after the sale.

If you have an eBay Store, be sure to link to it. Preferably, link to each individual category in your store.

As I mentioned earlier, eBay has a special code for inserting a list of items you're currently selling. That's not the only special code they have. A list of special codes can be found on your "About Me" editing page which appears when you choose to edit it.

However, perhaps one of the biggest advantages of your "About Me" page is the fact that it is the one place on eBay where you are allowed to link to a website off eBay, even your own webstore!

The advantage is obvious. eBay gets millions upon millions of hits each day. If you are able to redirect even a small portion of that traffic to a webstore, then it's free and easy traffic that has the potential for substantially increasing your off eBay sales.

Editing Your About Me Page

To edit your "About Me" page, go to the eBay site map (by clicking the "site map" link found at the top of most eBay pages) then click the "About Me" link which appears toward the top of the page in the right-hand column (under the header "Connect").

On the next page, click the "Edit Your Page" button. On the editing page, to view eBay's various special codes (such as the one that displays a list of your current auctions) click the "eBay-specific tags" link.

Linking to Your About Me Page

If you ever wish to link to your "About Me" page, you can do so with the following URL (again, replacing [your_user_id] with your actual eBay user ID):


In addition to linking to your webstore from your "About Me" page, there are other ways to steal some of eBay's traffic. I'll discuss these techniques in chapter 8: Mining eBay's Traffic.

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It's All About Me
Chapter 2 Summary & Takeaways

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