Do eBay Selling Tactics Work?

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Does Any of This Stuff Work?


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Does Any of This Stuff Work?

I've told you all about what to do to increase traffic to your auction as well as told you how to put that extra traffic to work to get more bids on your auctions.

But does any of what I've told you actually work, or am I just blowing smoke?

The truth is that everything I've talked about in this chapter regarding how to increase your auction sales has and does work. I speak from my own experience, as well as the experience of many others I have spoken with.

But the plain and simple fact is that just because it worked for me or anybody else doesn't mean jack! What's important is what works for you!

I've also talked about the different listing options and the potential (or lack there of) they have for improving your page views. Will any of them improve your auction performance?

There's only one way to find out, and that's with testing!

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Testing for Success
Tracking Your Traffic
Chapter 3 Summary & Takeaways

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Chapter 1: Driving Traffic to Your Auction Listing
Chapter 2: Listing for Higher Profits
Chapter 3: Does Any of this Stuff Work?
Chapter 4: eBay Stores
Chapter 5: Auction Management
Chapter 6: What to Sell on eBay
Chapter 7: Finding Products to Sell on eBay
Chapter 8: Mining eBay's Traffic
Chapter 9: HTML Tutorial
Chapter 10: Acting Like a PowerSeller
Chapter 11: Final Words