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What to Sell on eBay


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Researching What to Sell on eBay

Figuring Out What's Hot

What to Sell on eBay

The question of "What should I sell?" is probably the question I am asked most often regarding eBay. The truth is the answer is very long, and probably not what you want to hear.

There's no way for me to tell you what you should sell. I don't know you, I don't know your product source, I don't know how much you want to make, I don't know your expertise… in short, I don't know enough about you to make that decision for you.

This is a question that I could not even answer for my closest personal friends.

Only you can decide what you are going to sell. Some people don't put any limits on themselves, selling anything they can get their hands on that will make them a dollar.

Others prefer to work in their own unique niche market. Some prefer to chase after whatever the latest trend is.

In this section, since I can't tell you specifically what type of product to sell, we'll discuss how to go about answering the very personal question of "What should I sell?"

First off, you should try to sell something that you are passionate about, or at least have a good level of knowledge in. If there is something that you want to start selling badly enough, but aren't much of an expert in, then go get educated and become an expert!


In its most basic form, product research consists of doing a completed items search on eBay. If you want to see how well a particular product has been selling on eBay, search for it through eBay's search and see how it's doing.

This can get to be a very tedious task. I know! I've spent hours on end searching through eBay's completed items. Luckily, there are software tools to help us do more thorough – and faster – research.

Terapeak has a very nice research tool that can provide you with a quick snapshot of your search results. You can also compare auctions over a period of time, and access much more helpful data that will give you what you need to know when deciding what to sell and when to sell it.

Terapeak even has a regularly updated "hot list" of the hottest selling items.

get4it.com is a free tool that has an easy to read interface, and gives you a quick overview of what's selling, the best keywords to use, the best time to sell, and lots of other information can can be reviewed at a glance.

However, studying completed auctions can sometimes seem like more of a study on what used to sell, rather than give you real data on what is selling right now. Following, we'll talk about what you can do to find out what's hot before it's too late.

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Figuring Out What's Hot
What's Hot Today, Not Yesterday
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