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Finding Chinese Wholesalers and Other Asian Suppliers

Asian suppliers and Chinese wholesale

Once again, we'll be able to utilize the power of search engine directories to help find Asian and other overseas wholesale suppliers.

Simply visit your favorite directory and search for "Asian suppliers" or some other similar search term. However, finding a trusted Asian supplier is notoriously difficult if you don't know what you're doing or don't already have some reliable point of contact in Asia.

In addition to directories, there are also companies that are designed specifically to connect Asian suppliers with retailers around the world, and this is one method you can use to improve your odds of finding a trustworthy and reliable Asian supplier. One excellent company with a great reputation you may want to check is Alibaba.

However, you must still be vigilant and beware of bad suppliers! When you're doing business internationally, it's much harder to identify which suppliers are the good ones, and which ones are simply out to take your money.

Alibaba helps to qualify some suppliers as legitimate for you. On Alibaba, look for suppliers listed as a Gold Supplier.

This doesn't necessarily mean a supplier is completely legitimate, but means they provide more information about their company to help you make a more informed decision.

Give Alibaba a looksee here

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