Government Auctions

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Government Auctions

Government AuctionsGovernment auctions are a well known source for cars, houses, jewelry, and much more. Much of these items consist of confiscated materials from drug busts or other law enforcement operations, as well as military surplus.

You'll also find government surplus which can range anywhere from old government vehicles to office chairs and equipment. But the truth is you can find just about anything at government auctions.

Knowing where and when government auctions are held is the first step into getting involved with them. Once you register to attend a government auction (which typically has a fee associated with it) you'll be provided information about what, specifically, is being auctioned off.

The same rules that we've mentioned repeatedly apply here as well… do your research! Since you'll have a good idea of what's going to be auctioned off beforehand, it makes doing research much easier.

Determine beforehand the maximum you're willing to bid on an item, and stick to your plan.

To learn more about government auctions, I recommend checking out the Government Auction Site.

Of any government auctions directory I've seen, the Government Auction Site lists the most auctions, is the most up-to-date, provides the best customer service and most importantly, is legitimate. Be wary when investigating government auction directories. Just like in any situation where there's money to be made, scams abound.

The Government Auction Site also offers a 90 day full satisfaction money back guarantee!

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