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Selling eBooks and Other Digital Media

Digital media is in many ways the ultimate product to sell on eBay. This is because there is virtually no cost involved in the obtaining and distribution of digital media!

A few things of note regarding digital media:

How to write an eBookThis very eBook you're reading right now is a testament to the greatness of selling digital media!

You have free access to this eBook now, but I used to sell it. I wrote this book once, digitized it, and put it on my website. From there the sale, distribution, and delivery of it was all automated. People came to my website, paid through my payment processor, and were directed to a page to download their copy, all happening automatically without any involvement from me.

In fact, I may very well have been in Las Vegas watching Blue Man Group at The Venetian® (great show by the way, I've seen them twice!) while all of that was happening!

The original stays on my web server. What you're reading right now is an exact copy of what is on my web server. My server simply created a copy of it on your computer! I could potentially sell hundreds of eBooks everyday, all without doing any actual work myself.

But where to get the eBooks to sell? Personally I recommend writing your own. Whatever it happens to be that you know a lot about, write about that!

I've written a few eBooks about selling on eBay. But I've also written about how to save money by building your own computer, internet marketing, filing chapter 7 bankruptcy without an attorney, and a few other subjects.

I've known people who have had great success writing about subjects that you might not think anyone would be interested in, such as dog grooming, getting divorced without an attorney, car buying tactics, and even cook books. So don't ever think that you don't have something to write about!

Learn more about selling digital media on the eBay site at:

A couple things to note:

  1. You need to have a verified PayPal account
  2. You must list in the classified ad format
  3. You must list in the Everything Else category

Doing these three things allow you to completely automate the process. If you list in any category other than Everything Else, you are required to send the eBook by postal mail. This doesn't mean that you can't allow your buyers to download your eBook for immediate delivery, but you must also send a copy through the mail.

Now that you know how to SELL an eBook on eBay, you might be wondering how you can go about CREATING an eBook. If you're interested in learning how to effectively write and create your own eBook, or even learn how to find previously written material that is part of the public domain that you can then sell, take a look at 7 Day eBook

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Selling eBooks and Other Digital Media
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