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What To Look For In An eBay Drop Shipper

As any veteran online auction seller will tell you, your online reputation is a paramount part of your eBay business. Consumers are a fickle bunch and if they don't get the product they've ordered on time and undamaged, they'll leave you negative feedback. Get enough of those and you won't be selling through online auctions for very long.

So when it comes to finding an eBay drop shipper, choosing the right one can take your business to new heights while choosing the wrong ones can tank it faster than you can slam down a gavel and shout, "Sold to man in the back with the funny hat!"

So just how, exactly, do you find great eBay drop shippers for your business? Follow me, and I'll take you there.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Because you won't have the items you're selling in your possession at the time you list them on eBay's website, there's always the possibility that a product will sell out before your auction listing ends. But as long as your drop shipper provides a real-time inventory feed, you'll be able to keep an eye on things and, worst case scenario, end your listing early if the item sells out before your auction ends.

It's no fun having to end an item listing early, but better than the alternative of telling your buyer, "Sorry, but I don't have access to the item anymore." Trust me, I've been there and done that. It really is no fun.

Reliable, Insured Shipping with Delivery Tracking

Having your drop shipper deliver items via a reliable shipping agency is vital for a variety of reasons. For starters, it's important that items ship to your customers not just in a reasonable amount of time, but to the right address as well. Secondly, insurance will protect you in those rare cases where items are damaged in route. And third, delivery tracking allows you to show proof of delivery should your customer ever claim that they never received an item. Without that confirmation many payment handlers, such as PayPal, can and will automatically refund your customer in the case of a non-delivery complaint.

Real Support from Real People

All's well that ends well. But if things don't end well and you need to work with your drop shipper to return an item, track a shipment, or ask them about technical issues like data feeds and so forth, dealing with bad support can be a lot like banging your head against the cement; it doesn't help nor does it feel good.

You might have been expecting to see "price" on my list. Well, the truth is that good service and reliability will be far more important to you than how cheap you can get your products. And don't be fooled. You will see a wide variety of wholesale pricing from different eBay drop shippers.

When you think you've found the right products at the right price, double check that they have real-time inventory updates, ship quickly and reliably, and offer excellent support. Because if they don't, the lowest prices in the world won't help you when consumers catch on and stop buying from you.

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